Oway own way 100ml

100% plant-based eau de parfum.


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It is composed entirely of botanical elements derived from plants, fruits, flowers, woods, as well as aromatic herbs grown at km 0 on our farm Ortofficina with biodynamic method.

Olfactory sensations

INCIPIT: an all-Mediterranean beginning, undulating between the brightness of Sicilian orange, the amber aroma of sage and the freshness of myrtle.
PLOT: an interweaving that speaks of OWAY’s roots, recreating the freshness of aromatic balsamic and lightly floral plants like lavender, thyme and rosemary cultivated locally in our Ortofficina using the biodynamic method.
FINALE: a long, elegant, vigorous closure, which contemplates the resinous aroma of rock rose and the vigour of cedar wood, enlivened by a pinch of pink pepper and laid on a delicately gourmand trail of vanilla.

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